Ag West has value-add services to vertically integrate the ag exporting industry.


The heart of our business lies at its beginning where the quality products are grown and produced. Our own farms as well as partnerships with other farmers, provides a strong foundation for the business and products which we promote.

In order to produce a superior product, we spare no expense on our farms. To ensure that our crops maintain their nutritional value and grow to the best of their ability, we work tirelessly in our fields year long. That’s the commitment and dedication that has made Ag West International what it is today. With unparalleled care to attention and detail, we take our farming seriously to provide our costumers with the best livestock feed in the industry.


State of the Art equipment as well as experienced individuals allows us to conduct some of the most rigorous quality control in the business. By the time our products reach the processing facilities they have undergone as many as 6 different inspections to insure that the product is graded accordingly and that there are no "surprises" once the product reaches its final destination.

Harvest Timeline


A large fleet of trucks are devoted entirely to the transport of Ag West's products. From the Pickup at the field to the delivery to the port, Ag West has greater control of insuring that the products are delivered in the most timely and professional manner.

*Ag West International, LLC, is registered with the USDA as an approved supplier of USDA Certified Hay for export to the People’s Republic of China. Ag West International, LLC, has a current China Compliance Agreement Registration Number: USDA090127