Alfalfa has the highest feeding value for your animals. These hays are higher in protein and minerals than grasses and straws. It is a perfect feeding crop for a variety of animals including horses, dairy cows, beef cattle, sheep, etc. We take pride in our harvesting and storage techniques to assure a high quality product with only the best nutritional value.


Timothy Hay is an ideal feed for horses and cattle. It may be preferable to other forms of feed because of its long stems which allows good consumption. Its perfect for dairy cows and is widely used as the staple feed for the race horse industry. Higher in fiber than its contemporaries, Timothy hay’s harvest comes later in the year than Alfalfa.


Of all the grass straws, Bluegrass Straw is the highest quality and best nutritionally for livestock. With the highest feed value it is distinguishable by its blue-green color. It is popular in both the domestic and and export markets. Best used for daily cows.

Oat Hay

Oat Hay is great feed to use for livestock during winter months when animals are less active and need a break form their usual diet. It does not have the nutritional value as other grasses/hay like Alfalfa or Timothy. Suitable as a feed for dry dairy cows, mature horses and beef cattle.


TMR is a well rounded blend of forages to bring diversity to a feeding program. TMR is a great product to cover more nutrional requirements in a respected feed program.

Other Products

Various other varieties of forages as well as grains are available. Contact us for availability or to make a request.